Mayor Roderick Clark

Mayor Roderick Clark

By Faye Gaston

The Union Springs City Council met on June 8, 2021, with Mayor Roderick Clark presiding and praying the invocation.

Raises for the Street Department laborers and "emergency hires" were approved. Henry Thrasher, Public Works Director, thanked the Union Springs City Council for the emergency hires and the raises.

He stated that both dump trucks were down. The sensors went out, and it will cost $3,500 to fix but $4,500 to remove the whole system, which will solve the problem.

At Thrasher's request, it was voted to wait to pay the Consolidated Pipes and Supply Co the $1,312 bill until he views it to see if it is the city's statement or the Utility Board's statement. Union Springs Police Chief Ronnie Felder gave the police report for May 2021.

The motion was tabled to purchase body cameras for the Police Department until funds are received. It was voted to buy the Server (RAM computers) for the Police Department.

The council approved hiring Summer Camp Counselors (Recreation Center) for two weeks until further notice.

Councilman Eugene Faulk, City Council/CWS Liaison, spoke briefly about the May 19 Utilities Board meeting. The council appointed Eddie Davis and Tony Jackson to serve on the Utilities Board.

An alcohol license was approved for Danny Patel. Tim Simpson from Barrett-Simpson, Inc. and the Union Springs Engineer updated the Council on the 2020 CDBG five-year project. He will advertise for bids to repair the sewer and water lines.

Union Springs Fire Chief Rob Cameron gave the fire department report for May. Faye Gaston gave the Historic Preservation report on headlines of 1971 from the Union Springs Herald newspaper.

Bills over $1,000 were approved for payment to M & M Trucking ($4,925.01), AMIC ($7,500), and Environmental KAM Contractors ($7,000) and all other bills after a proper audit.

Councilman Eugene Faulk announced that he and Mayor Roderick Clark met with U.S. Representative Barry Moore on June 3 in Eufaula at a Town Hall meeting.

Councilman Derrick Harris told the learning opportunities for students during the summer.

Mayor Clark announced a community cookoff would be held at the baseball field on June 19.

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