Nathan Dickson

It happens whether you want it to or not – you associate a song with a time or event in life, and it digs itself deep down inside you. When you hear it, without even trying, you end up right back in that moment in time like it happened yesterday. Likewise, reliving certain moments or going certain places can bring a song associated with it to mind.

That’s what happens with me every October. When I was coming along, there was a song, “This Time of Year,” that found its way into me and hides until fall comes. When I go out of the house that first crisp, cool morning after a long, hot summer, the lyrics just come into my head. The song recalls being young and the coming of fall – that feeling in the air, football games, and leaf-blown fields, your first car and your first crush. The chorus to the song is, “Seems like it’s always understood this time of year. Well I know there’s a reason to change. Well I know there’s a time for us. Think about the good times and you live with all the bad. You can feel it in the air. Feelin’ right this time of year.”

The first of every fall I relive the heart of that song. I am overwhelmed with the feeling that life is seasonal. Hang on long enough, and the heavy heat of part of life will give way to the cool peace of fall. Or maybe it’ll be the other way around – the bright green of a season of life will begin to lose its luster and start to decay. Either way, time moves on and brings with it both the relief we need exactly when we need it and that inevitable winding down that comes at the end of a season of growth.

The beautiful inherent in it, of course, is that we eventually come back to spring, and the blooms and the warm weather come back. Of course, so do the mosquitos. But with every season, we learn to “think about the good times and live with all the bad” a little better. We learn to give thanks a little more for the wonder of it all. For me every beautiful October day, I get this brief gift of perspective on what a privilege it is to live this life. I “can feel it in the air. Feelin’ right this time of year.”

Nathan Dickson is an attorney with Jinks, Crow & Dickson, P.C.

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