Charlie Brown and Lucy

Charlie Brown and Lucy

By Faye Gaston

Thanks to the modern e-mails on the computer, I have some "gems of wisdom" to share with the readers of the Union Springs Herald. These were sent by e-mail from a friend.

These "lessons learned in life" are by Charles M. Schulz, who developed the comic strip "Peanuts" that ran for nearly 50 years (1950 to 2000) and was published in 2,600 newspapers, 75 countries, and 21 languages. A friend sent these gems of "Peanuts Philosophy" that are good to begin 2022 in Bullock County because they are "positivity, love and all things good."

THERE ARE MOMENTS in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real.

THE LESS YOU RESPOND to rude, critical, argumentative people, the more peaceful your life will become.

THE SMILE ON MY FACE doesn't mean my life is perfect. It means I appreciate what I have and what I have been blessed with. I choose to be happy.

DEFINITION OF A FRIEND: someone who says nice things about you when you aren't around.

A GOOD LAUGH and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything. (Irish Proverb)

WORRYING won't stop the bad stuff from happening; it just stops you from enjoying the good.

PERHAPS THEY ARE not stars in the sky but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy.

I DON'T HAVE TIME to worry about who doesn't like me...I'm too busy loving the people who love me.

ALL YOU NEED is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.

MAY YOUR DAY be filled with blessings of love, peace, and joy.

FAITH IS holding on tight when the going gets windy.

WHEN MY ARMS can't reach people who are close to my heart, I always hug them with my prayers.

THANK YOU for being you.

TAKE TIME to smell the roses.

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