Vote Prestic R. Faulk

Vote Prestic R. Faulk

Dear Beloved Citizens:

I am truly honored and thankful for all of the love and support that has already been shown in the short period of my candidacy for Union Springs City Council, Place #3.

It is my mission to reach out and visit all areas of the city and be the catalyst for change and fulfill the plans and ideas that we desire in our city.

In this short time, many of you have asked me what my vision is for the city if elected to serve.

Working cooperatively not only with the elected city officials, but this entire community, I feel that we can move Union Springs forward in a positive direction.

Our challenge collectively is to ensure that our City is true to its mission, that it uses its resources wisely, and that it is responsive to the constituency that it serves.

If elected to serve you as a councilman, I will:

Initiate and promote Economic & Neighborhood Development:

— Work with developers/Non-profit organizations/government agencies to build new and more affordable homes that our community needs.

Promote Infrastructure Improvement and Upgrades:

— Repairing, resurfacing and paving our streets and roads

— Address Storm Drainage issues

Promote an Open, Transparent and Accountable Government

— Fiscal Responsibility of City Revenue Funds

— Research Grant Opportunities and Initiative for the City.

— Regularly communicate to all citizens regarding the affairs of City Government.

As always, I thank you for being a faithful supporter of someone you know is Courageous enough to…. Sit down and listen to you and Courageous enough to …. Stand up and speak up for you.

On August 25, I ask for your vote. I need your Vote to be the catalyst toward improving the community. Please Vote for me, Prestic R. Faulk, Union Springs City Council, Place #3.


Prestic R. Faulk

Paid political adv. By Prestic R. Faulk.

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