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January 15 is a special day for my family and me. My Uncle Arthur, my cousin Keith and my mother Deborah, were all born on January 15. This is also the date of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, which we celebrate the third Monday of each January.

This year Dr. King’s legacy will take a hit as the world learns about his missteps in marriage. MLK/FBI is a documentary film that follows Martin Luther King, Jr. as he is investigated and harassed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The FBI was interested in King because of his success in rallying the masses. FBI director J. Edgar Hoover said he feared the rise of a Black Messiah. King was considered the most dangerous Negro in the future of the nation. Their mission was to use every resource at their disposal to destroy him.

Hoover was the head of the FBI for almost fifty years. His strategy to take down King was to collect sexually inappropriate material of King’s private life. Hoover publically stated King was the world’s most notorious liar.

The FBI mailed a recording of Dr. King with other women to his wife Coretta with a note attached suggesting King kill himself.

When you build a man up as this perfect being, there is something inside of us that relishes in knowing he is not as perfect as advertised.

Thanks to newly declassified documents, much of the FBI’s intelligence is available to the public. This information was posted on the internet as a precursor to the FBI wiretaps that will be released in 2024.

Many believe that recordings from King’s private life should never be consumed by the public. The New York Times says this documentary is as timely as an alarm clock. Others say it represents the darkest part of the bureau’s history.

The documentary has already won several awards and opens in theaters on January 15.

I will be there on opening day because I love history and I love Dr. King. For over twenty years, I have read books and watched documentaries about Dr. King. I used to listen to his speeches when my friends were listening to music.

This information is not new, but this is the first time anyone has focused solely on this part of his life. These are not allegations but proven cases of adultery from one of the most famous ministers to ever live.

In the Bible, David, Samson, and Solomon found themselves in similar situations. Infidelity is not new, and pointing out others’ sins is not the purpose of this article. The purpose of this article is to inform you about this documentary and to encourage you to Win At Home.

Some pastors spend more time ministering to others than they do ministering to their own families. Dr. King was away from home, his wife and children often due to the demands of the movement. This undoubtedly led to what the FBI found in their investigation of other matters.

Despite his colossal failure at home, I remain a fan of Dr. King. I am careful not to judge or paint a broad stroke of all clergy. Billy Graham, G.E. Patterson, Charles Stanley, T.D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, and so many more are good examples of not falling into this sort of temptation.

Three ways to Win At Home:

1. Set up boundaries to protect your integrity

2. Be transparent with your spouse

3. Forgive

I don’t know about you, but I want to Win At Home.

I’m praying for your family.

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