By Felicia Farnsworth

Busted Flat in Union Springs is a biographical fiction novel written by Shannon Schofield but told from a dog, Martin McGhee’s point of view. Martin starts his story by telling the readers about his feral family, whom he lived with in the woods.

He tells the readers how he was scared and shut down when he was rescued and had his leg amputated. The man that rescued him took him to the Bullock County Humane Society in Union Springs, Alabama, because he knew he couldn’t give him the quality of life he deserved.

Schofield tells of Martin’s trials and tribulations while learning how to trust humans. When Schofield and her husband decided to adopt Martin, they knew they had rough roads ahead of them. Schofield admits to losing Martin as soon as they get him home. She admits to her readers that it took a month of coercion and trickery to bring him home.

Schofield’s novel educates readers on the importance of patience and trust with feral dogs. This novel also tells the readers of the importance of vetting and spaying/neutering.

The dynamics between Martin and Schofield are not only educational for the reader but are heartwarming as well.

Schofield’s novel gives a raw look into how a dog lives, feels, and sees everything and the changes he goes through from being a feral, wild dog in the woods to becoming the loving, trusting house pet that he is today.

Martin and Shannon live in the Wetumpka area. Schofield started following the Bullock County Humane Society’s (BCHS) Facebook page, and that is where she fell in love with Martin.

After speaking briefly with Schofield, she reports that Martin is now living the spoiled rotten life of a house dog and would prefer to be inside rather than outside. He gets along great with his “sisters” Roxie and Sasha but still is iffy around Tucker. “Martin loves to go for rides and is leash trained, and that has helped tremendously with getting him to go on rides and being social,” stated Schofield.

She hopes to one day take him to the beach before his time is up. Schofield commented, “Martin does still hunt. I found him one-day last year with a baby bunny in his mouth. His prey drive is still there.”

Due to the incident with Schofield’s beloved cat, Elle, Martin, and the kitties stay separated while they are in the house together. Schofield hopes her readers gain the sense of perseverance it took to have Martin.

“People need to take into consideration that when they adopt a dog, they are adopting a family member. That is a lifelong commitment that shouldn’t be given up on,” Schofield said. Schofield still fosters and donates to the Bullock County Humane Society.

In fact, her book is available on Amazon, and through her Amazon Smile account, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to BCHS. To keep up with Martin and his daily adventures, you can follow him on his Facebook page, Martin McGhee (Pet).

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