By Faye Gaston

Joyce L. Perrin, Chairperson of the Union Springs Planning Commission, presented information at the Union Springs City Council meeting on July 6, 2021.

She delivered a handout of eleven pages, including pictures, and spoke about the items covered in it while answering questions. This was a six months review of concerns in 2021 by the Union Springs Planning Commission.

Certification classes by the Alabama Planning Institute would be available July 28-30 by Zoom. This certification gives the knowledge to serve in the city and county leadership positions, including ten specific positions in local government and boards.

Between late 2019 and January 2021, there were 27 applications for "Conditional Use" involving mobile homes in R2 and R3 zones in Union Springs. Twelve were denied for reasons in the zoning regulations. According to state law, "spot zoning and zoning piecemeal are not authorized."

Mobile Homeowners may place homes outside of the city limits, in Mobile Home Parks, or build homes of the same value on said lots. "Conditional Use" may be approved by the Planning Commission if four stated standards are met. One standard is that "the proposed use shall not unduly decrease the value of the neighboring property."

Three Mobile Home units constitute a Mobile Home Park, "which requires extensive plans to incorporate" in Union Springs.

Two applications for "Conditional Use" were reviewed since February 2021, asking for additional information before a public hearing could be held with a $110 cost to the applicant.

One page signed by Perrin, Chairperson, and Gary Hyche, Co-Chairman, gave the "economics of structures" as follows. The life span of a Mobile Home is 25 years, and many Mobile Homes in Union Springs are 50-150 years old. Mobile Homes are taxed as personal property vs. regular homes that are taxed on the property's value.

The members of the Planning Commission have attended the "Certification Classes" and are knowledgeable about the Comprehensive Plan drawn up in 2010-2012 with the assistance of SCADC and the University of Auburn. Many of the recommendations in the Comprehensive Plan have not been addressed.

It also allows for the local government to apply for grants.

The following pages in the handout listed the addresses where 42 applications for Mobile Homes placement were made with decisions approved or denied by the Planning Commission.

The next advisory board meeting of the Alabama Manufactured Housing Commission will be on October 7, 2021. Matters announced would be "Installation of Manufactured Homes in Proximity of Transmission Line Rights of Way" (Alabama Power) and Alabama Flood Risk Information System (determine if the address is located in the Floodplain).

The Union Springs Planning Commission members are Joyce Perrin, Chair; Gary Hyche, Co-Chair; Terronda Hooks, Secretary; Peggy Goodwin, Charlotte Phillips, Larry Stewart, Carla Elson, Louis J. Murry (City Councilman), and Roderick Clark (Mayor).

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