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Willie Spears

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Vision boards and goal setting have guided my life. If vision is the road map, values are the guardrails. Guardrails or boundaries guide our decision-making, but some things hinder us from reaching our goals.

Here are five things that can hinder us from reaching our goals and prevent us from realizing the manifestation of our vision board.

1. Other People's Expectations

I spent thirty-five years as a football player and coach. A few months ago, I was offered a job that almost anyone would have taken, but I turned it down. The team is a top twenty-five power five school that won ten games this season.

Several people told me I should take the job. One of my friends was furious I did not take the position. I have been asked to apply for several head football coaching positions in the past two weeks, but coaching is missing from my vision board.

When I was younger, I was told I should be a comedian, an actor, an administrator, a cruise director, and so much more. When God called me, it was not a conference call. I am honored people think that much of me but trying to meet other people's expectations will hinder me from realizing the vision I have for my life. Where there is more than one vision, that's division.

2. Adopted Desires

I think it is natural to be jealous of someone. We may see their car, lifestyle, health, or physical appearance and wish we had what they have. Being jealous is not the problem. The problem is wishing we had it and wishing they did not have it. Our vision is our vision, and their vision is their vision. We can't be LeBron, Tiger, Jay-Z, or Obama.

These men have attributes that we don't have, and we have attributes they don't have. I have learned to be myself because everyone else is taken. In the movie "Italian Job," Mark Wahlberg's character Charlie Croker says, "You've got no imagination. You couldn't even decide what to do with all that money, so you had to buy what everybody else wanted."

Another hindrance to accomplishing our goals is trying to keep up with the Joneses and adopting their desires instead of having our own.

3. Culture Pressure

Social Media is not real. If we allow social media to influence our vision, we can find ourselves not being authentic. If we are not careful, our culture can dictate our course. Our age, race, religion, geographical region, past, present, and future should not navigate our vision. I am not like all Black men, Christians, Floridians, Coaches, Preachers, Speakers, Authors, or Fathers. I am me. I cannot allow the culture to persuade my position.

4. Unhealthy Emotions

My favorite book says we should not trust our emotions. If my goal is to lose weight but eat unhealthy food when I am depressed, I may never reach my goal. If my goal is to save forty percent of my monthly income but go shopping online when I am angry, I may never reach my goal. If my goal is to cuss less but have a temper problem, I may never accomplish my goal. Unhealthy emotions can demolish our vision board.

5. Impatience

It takes consistency to accomplish goals. One small step after another repeatedly. Results take time. We live in an instant society. We want results to come by text message, and instead, they come by pony express.

The question is will we give up during the process? The most important part of goal setting is the process, not the result. We grow as we are developed through each stage. If we are patient, we can accomplish a great deal.

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