Bullock County E-911 Director is Clarence M. (Bubba) Blue, III

Bullock County E-911 Director is Clarence M. (Bubba) Blue, III

By Faye Gaston

A phone call to E-911 in an emergency can and does save lives. The Union Springs City Council recently again approved the original agreement (2001) between the City of Union Springs, Alabama (the City) and the Bullock County Emergency Communications District (the District) as follows:

WHEREAS, the citizens of Bullock County have elected to form an E-911 system and the Bullock County governing body has formed the Bullock County Emergency Communication District, and

WHEREAS, the operator of an E-911 system requires, among other things, space for communication equipment and operators, and

WHEREAS, the City of Union Springs has space available for said equipment and presently has on its staff, communications equipment operators, and

WHEREAS, an E-911 system will be of benefit to all the citizens of Bullock County, with by far the largest concentration of citizens living in the City of Union Springs.

NOW THEREFORE, the premises considered the parties agree as follows:

1. The City shall provide suitable space (housing), at no cost, for the District E-911 equipment to be operated by five (5) operators, said space to include utilities expenses.

2. The District shall provide at its expense the necessary equipment to successfully operate an E-911 system, said equipment to include, but not limited to, an emergency generator and base station radio system. The district also shall bear the costs of upgrading the space provided by the City to house said E-911 system equipment. Upkeep, repairs, replacement, and maintenance of all equipment purchased by the district shall be the responsibility of the district.

3. The district shall be responsible for the training of operators of the E-911 equipment.

4. Initially, the operators shall be employed by the City, but the costs of employment of said operators shall be as follows: One paid for by the district, three paid for by the City, and one to be paid by the County governing body. The number and payment of said operators shall be adjusted as needs may be by future agreements between the parties and other entities as necessary.

5. The parties to this Agreement shall each maintain liability and hazard insurance in such amount as each shall deem proper to protect against liability for acts of its employees and to repair or replace equipment that may become damaged or destroyed by fire, water, wind, or such other causes as normally contemplated by such hazard insurance policies.

6. This agreement shall remain in force and effect for a period of twenty (20) years from the day and date first above written.

(The agreement made in 2001 was not changed. It was signed by persons then in office: Cathy Dickerson, City Clerk; Earl Hinson, City Mayor; Cope Lawrence, Secretary/Treasurer; and Johnny Adams, Chairman of Board of Bullock County Emergency Communications District.)

In 2021, the Bullock County E-911 Director is Clarence M. (Bubba) Blue, III, with an office at City Hall.

Members of the E-911 Board are Cope Lawrence, Chairman; Mildred Whittington, Vice-Chairman; Terri Daniel, Secretary; Union Springs Mayor Roderick Clark; Union Springs Police Chief Ronnie Felder; Bullock County Sheriff Raymond Rodgers; and Union Springs Fire Chief Rob Cameron.

The Board oversees the E-911 expenditure of funds and E-911 operations. The Board meets once a quarter or as needed.

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