By Faye Gaston

The Annual May Day was held on Saturday, May 22, 2021, in a big pasture area in the Highlog and Greenwood Community, sponsored by Shirley Reynolds.

The celebration began at 10:00 a.m., and the crowd grew until it was huge at mid-afternoon. The area held about twelve vendor tents around the perimeter, with each vendor paying $40 for space. Rows of vehicles were parked in the center. A portable restroom was necessary. Food and drink were plentiful.

A table held nine trophies for the winners of the bike, truck, and car competition. Children wrapped the May Day Pole. Riders on many four-wheelers took rides in the May Day area and on the facing street for hours.

The temperature was in the 80's. Kenny Johnson, D.J. Killa K, was the DJ in a tent that held his equipment for playing CDs, including a microphone for announcements. The vehicle show began with recruiting three judges for each competition. The entry fee for each vehicle was $15. The shiny, polished, classic vehicles seemed to be in pristine condition.

Hoods were lifted for inspection by the judges. Trophies were presented, and photos were made. Winners in the Bike Show were Norman Lewis, first place; Freeman Jackson, second place, and David Jackson, third place. Winners in the Truck Show were David Curry, first place, Darryl Foster, second place, and Tony Hotten, third place. Winners in the car show (nine cars) were Randy Cox, first place; Willie "Danny Boy" Calhoun, second place; and Lennon Sullen, third place.

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