Our New Year’s Resolution should be to strengthen our family. In a recent study by The Pew Charitable Trusts, nearly 70% of Americans mentioned family when asked to describe what provides them with a sense of meaning in life.

Family is our first teacher and should be our greatest support system, source of joy, comfort, and belonging.

The past two years have proved difficult for everyone. This adversity affects marriages, parenting, family structure, connectedness, and mental health. In his new book, author and keynote speaker Willie Spears focuses on the importance of family.

Win At Home is a collection of articles designed to encourage, inspire, and motive us all to put family first. Our priorities are defined by where we spend our time and money.

Most people say family is their top priority; however, their actions say work is their top priority. There must be a balance. We often neglect the people close to us for those not related to us.

This book is designed to help you fight for what is most important, your family. This book encourages you to work more on your obituary than your resume.

Spears believes healthy relationships, positive communication, family meals, and father involvement are possible solutions to the problems we all face.

Spears says, “My family instilled confidence in me, and they were my greatest support system.” When asked what prompted him to write his eleventh book, he answered, “I found myself more devoted to my profession than my faith and my family. I want to help others not make the same mistakes I made.”

Willie Spears is a critically acclaimed keynote speaker, author, evangelist, and award-winning teacher and coach. Coach Spears has excited audiences with his energetic, relatable, and educational presentations.

Through his social media presence, weekly editorial, and eleven books, Coach has become one of the country’s most sought-after speakers.

You can find two different Win at Home books by Spears on Amazon or his website WillieSpears.com.

One book is a devotional book, and the other is a collection of articles about winning at home.

There is also a Win at Home podcast available wherever you find your podcast.

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