By Terrell Tarver

As we celebrate this day, I think of the long nights Dr.King stayed up, the speeches and sermons he had to prepare for, the meeting he held where little to no one showed up, and the lack of support he received so many times. I believe our forefather's life and example were a microcosm of what was to come. I had an interesting conversation with my daughter about the late Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, and we ended up talking about the road he was willing to travel for our freedoms today. Because of our luxuries, we sometimes fail to take full advantage of our opportunities, talent, and gifts. As community leaders, teachers, citizens, and parents, let's continue cultivating the greatness within ourselves and our children.

I've discovered six keys we can share, especially with our children, that will maximize their talent and keep Dr. King's dream alive.

1. Our beliefs will lift our talent and keep the dream alive.

2. Our passion will energize our talent and keep the dream alive.

3. Our character will protect our talent and keep the dream alive.

4. Teamwork will multiply our talent and keep the dream alive.

5. Initiative will activate our talent and keep the dream alive.

6. Responsibility will strengthen our talent and keep the dream alive.

If we make these choices, we will continue to let Dr. King's legacy live, keep his dream alive, and make him proud to know his work was not in vain.

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