28 Jan 1943 Pharmacist First Mate E. J. Brooks of USN

Billie Barbee has enlisted in the US Navy

Local Draft Board lists delinquents


The white registrants listed below were sent by Local Board No. 1, Bullock County, to the Induction Station at Ft. McClellan, Monday for physical examination prior to induction into the armed forces of the United States.

Alfred Sidney Adams, Midway

Rex Gerald Bozeman, Inverness

Roland Melvin Bundrick, Union Springs

Hugh Kaigler Finlayson, Perote, Rt. 1

Samuel Elbert Green, Perote, Rt. 1

Daniel Alexander Hixon, Perote

Oscar Lee Hooks, Jr., Thompson, Rt. 1

Hugh Durwood McCall, Union Springs

Homer Alton Rotton, Perote, Rt. 1

Travis Brooks Rotton, Inverness, Rt. 1

Carl Posey Shepard, Midway, Rt. 1

Charles T. Thomas, Midway

William Arthur Watts, Linwood, Rt. 1

Robert Woodrow Caylor, Union Springs, Rt. 2

Isaac Daniel Powell, Union Springs

11 Feb 1943 Leather Shoes go on ration list at three pairs a year.

25 Feb 1943 Corporal Henry Blue has returned to the Mississippi Ordinance Plant after a five-day furlough with his mother Mrs. H. P. Blue


The Atlanta Journal, Sunday carried a full account of a North African battle in which a lone General Sherman tank, commanded by Lt. Col. Louis V. Hightower a former Union Springs boy, boldly took on a last -ditch running fight with ten German tanks, in order to save an American Colum of light vehicles from destruction, and destroyed four Mark VI’s before the crew was forced to abandon their own shell riddled and flaming tank.

The tank was named the “Texas” and the battle it put up on February 14th against hopeless odds was a little Alamo, but with every American emerging alive.

04 Mar 1943 President asks nation to aid in Red Cross Crusade

38-year-old men now face draft of work on farm


Sgt. Melvin Gregg, who is stationed somewhere in New Guinea, in a letter dated Feb. 15th, tells “his folks” of the native “folks” over there.

25 Mar 1943 First Lt. William G. Moorer is reported missing in action since 8 March, navigator of a Flying Fortress.

01 Apr 1943 Practice Air Raid Warning Signals Saturday at Noon.

15 Apr 1943 Midway’s first girl to join the WAACS, Miss Violet Sterling received her assignment this past week and left Sunday for Daytona, Florida.

22 Apr 1943 Lynn Jinks, Jr., who enlisted last week in the US Naval Reserve B-6, left Wednesday for Birmingham, where he will be assigned to a Naval Base.

13 May 1943 “Wave” Jeanne Franklin has finished her course at the Naval Training Station at Norman,

Oklahoma has been recommended for “petty officer” has been assigned to the Post Office at the US Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida.

27 May 1943 Mrs. Vera Robinson announces the marriage of her daughter, Josephine Aillene at Washington D. C. to Corporal William Adolphus Gholston at Camp Wheeler, Macon, Georgia on May 21, 1943.

03 Jun 1943 Lt. Bernard “Bunny” Cohn has graduated from the Advance Instructors School at Carlsbad, New Mexico, and recalled to Roswell where he is an instructor of instructors.

10 Jun 1943 342 Americans Die in Capturing Attu.

Negroes wanted for shipyard work. Negroes between 17 and 60 may apply for training at Tuskegee Institute for training in arc-welding, ship-cutting and ship fitting. Trainees who complete the courses at Tuskegee are readily placed in war jobs.

24 Jun 1943 Mr. Ben Cochran returned to the University of Alabama on Saturday where he was inducted into the U. S. Navy.

01 Jul 1943 Applications for new basis A Gasoline Ration Books Blanks can be secured from the local board.

08 Jul 1943 Urgent need for Women to enlist in WAC.

Two-Thirds of the people in the world are farmers.

22 Jul 1943 Lifting of Coffee Ration Predicted

Draft of Fathers again postponed

12 Aug 1943 Lt. Sidney Bledsoe has been transferred from Spokane to Grand Island, Nebraska.

19 Aug 1943 The Army needs ten million pounds of Turkey Meat to be shipped overseas for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

02 Sep 1943 Mr. and Mrs. Hamp Cope of Inverness have been notified that their son, Corporal Wallace Cope has been killed.

2, 535 persons registered for liquor rationing with the local ABC Board during registration which closed on August 21.

Bullock’s quota in War Loan Drive is set at $301,000.

The War Meat Board has issued a statement urging farmers to market hogs early.

16 Sep 1943 A Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, has been christened “Spirt of Bullock County” in recognition of the fact that citizens of Bullock County subscribe to over $300,000 in War Bonds.

23 Sep 1943 Alabamians who have been granted farm occupational deferment from the military service will be called on at an early date to furnish definite evidence that they have been producing sufficient essential farm products to justify continuation of their deferment.

14 Oct 1943 Draft Violators get prison terms.

28 Oct 1943 Delinquents will be rounded up by Selective Service.

Lt. Sidney Bledsoe reported “missing”, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Bledsoe of Armstrong.

04 Nov 1943 Corporal Will Jim Faulk is in Northern Ireland.

The War and Navy Department transport overseas more than fifty million pieces of mail a week.

11 Nov 1943 First Lt. Archie R. Jordan of Midway and Tallassee has arrived safely overseas (US Army)

Women want for work with the FBI.

18 Nov 1943 James W. Shaw is being welcomed hone from the war having served in the combat zone in New Guinea for nearly a year, given a medical discharge, son of J. W. Shaw.

25 Nov 1943 Private First Class Edgar L. Kirkland is enroute from Shepherd Field, Texas, to his new assignment in New York.

Corporal Nathaniel Swift, colored, who was inducted into the Army November 1942, has his first furlough home on November 11th, He is stationed at Myrtle Beach, S.C.

02 Dec 1943 Private Billy Lee has recovered from an attack of malarial fever in North Africa.

C. A. May, Jr. who is attending the Midshipman’s School at Columbia University has passed the examination and is now a Midshipman.

09 Dec 1943 Wife of Prisoner of War Receives Air Metal For Him. Midway, Ala. Dec 6, Mrs. Ralph J. Hall, Midway, Ala. Received the Air Metal for her 24-year-old husband a bomber pilot from Statesboro, Ga., who is now a prisoner of war in Germany in an informal home ceremony this week.

23 Dec 1943 Alabama now has six war camps: Aliceville, Anniston, Opelika, Linden, Evergreen, Chapman and two others being set up at Chatom and Dothan.

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