By Faye Gaston

Every weekday, the Union Springs Senior Citizens Nutrition Center Manager, Terri Bean, hands out pages of information along with the hot lunch in the drive-through. The handout for September 9, 2020, included "brain food" in a word puzzle of finding specific words in a setting of multiple letters, and information about using smartphones, tablets, or laptop computers while preparing food. Senior citizens have the lunch provided but still must have breakfast and supper during the weekdays and six meals during the weekend.

The handout states that "we know that disease-causing bacteria can survive on cell phones, it is best to minimize contact with the phone or other devices AND wash hands regularly during the food preparation and cooking process."

It states that using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop computers while reading a recipe or preparing food can expose food and the cook to bacteria that these personal electronic devices may harbor. These devices have become ever-present in our daily lives. We take them everywhere: work, stores, a gym, and even the bathroom.

This warning is especially helpful to the public in this time of the contagious COVID-19 pandemic. The warning is to wash hands with soap after touching cell phones, tablets, or computers.

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