By Faye Gaston

Union Springs Police Chief R. L. Felder reported the need for such a letter at the Union Springs City Council meeting on March 1, 2021.

He asked for cooperation and assistance in getting the necessary paperwork completed when there are criminal violations taking place in a Union Springs business. It is directed to all merchants and business owners regarding warrants. It reads as follows:

"To Whom It May Concern: The Union Springs Police Department is dedicated to providing the best service to the merchants/business owners. We are also dedicated to assisting our citizens in completing the necessary paperwork to prepare them for their day in court.

The Union Springs Police Department has experienced some difficulty getting the necessary assistance from the Merchants/Business Owners.

We would like to get your assistance in following up on getting the warrants signed in a timely manner to ensure there would not be any reason to compromise the integrity of the Union Springs Police Department and the leaders of this city. When there are criminal violations taking place in your place of business, we ask that there be a manager or other authorized personnel in place to respond to police headquarters to complete the necessary paperwork.

This is necessary to get warrants signed, the cases on the docket, and the subpoenas issued before court dates. We will continue to provide the highest quality of service to our merchants/business owners.

Thanks in advance. With your cooperation and assistance, you will help us enhance our abilities to better serve you. We graciously look forward to assisting you with all your needs."

Sincerely, R.L. Felder, Chief of Police USPD

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