Union Springs Mayor Roderick Clark and Chief of Police Ronnie Felder

Union Springs Mayor Roderick Clark and Chief of Police Ronnie Felder

Mayor Roderick Clark appointed Ronnie Felder as Union Springs Chief of Police on November 16, 2020, after being Interim Chief since November 4, 2020.

Chief Felder has been the Captain of the Union Springs Police Department (USPD) since August of 2020.

He is assigned to oversee the day-to-day operations of the department. Chief Felder was the Patrol Commander and Court Liaison Officer at USPD.

In this position he was the supervisor for all shifts of patrol units. He shared the responsibility of making sure all reports were accurate and all shifts were covered with the proper manpower each day.

In 2018, Chief Felder was hired as a Site Supervisor for an overseas location.

This assignment was to ensure the Guards were performing their duties of vetting vehicles and foot traffic as they would enter or exit the property.

He was responsible for the accurate reporting of all incidents and worksheets on a daily basis.

In 2017, Chief Felder was an Alabama Supreme Court Chief Deputy Marshal. This assignment allowed him to oversee the daily operations of The Supreme Court of Alabama.

Chief Felder was assigned the responsibilities of assigning the Deputy Marshal duties, Court Bailiff, Scanning and X-Raying personal property of the visitors who entered the building.

He was also tasked with the responsibility of monitoring the Security Camera System and Card Key System.

He was responsible for getting the camera footage downloaded for any incident that occurred on the property.

Chief Felder was the Union Springs Police Department Captain (Assistant Chief) from 2015-2017.

Chief Felder has been in law enforcement over 36 years, which includes patrol, traffic, undercover operations, juvenile division, and training division.

He commanded a unit for over four years at the Montgomery Police Department.

Chief Felder said, “I am thankful for the opportunity to be Chief of Police in Union Springs. I am looking forward to working with all the citizens of this city and to be able to assist as we move forward in this new direction under the leadership of Mayor Roderick Clark.”

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