Maria, Sayli, Mia, Litcy and Councilman Cooks

Maria, Sayli, Mia, Litcy and Councilman Cooks

By Kim Adams Graham

Maria Isabell Perez lives on Pitman Drive and has received Yard of the Month. Perez said, “I don’t want anything for Christmas or my birthday but flowers.

"If someone gives me a piece of a plant, I will root it. I love flowers.”

She gets plenty of advice for her yard from Earl Hinson, Jean Watts, and Mrs. Margaret.

Mrs. Dora Cole lived in the house for years and Perez is thankful for the plants she had.

This is the first Hispanic home that Councilman Chilly Cooks and the Community Outreach has given. Her flowers include Crepe Myrtles, Knock-Out Roses, Tiger Dalias, Lilies, Periwinkles, Celosia, Begonias, Hydrangeas, Pecan Tree, Geraniums, Jasmine, Sunflowers, Umbrella Tree, Tomatoes, Other yard accents are a picnic table, swings, statues and bird feeders.

If anyone would like to bring a cutting or a plant for Maria you can leave it at the Herald Office and I will get it to her.

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