By Faye Gaston

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bullock County Historical Society has not had "in-person" meetings. The usual schedule is to meet four times a year, in January, April, July, and October.

However, during this, pandemic members continued to receive an extensive historical report on a specific subject in the newsletter that precedes a quarterly meeting. Dean Spratlan, President of the Historical Society, presents a program at each quarterly meeting from his decades of extensive research in Bullock County's history.

The January 2021 newsletter gave nine pages of his researched history of the "Still Cross Road" area. The pages told the names of early settlers and how the area got its name. They told of the 1900 post office and two schools.

A copy of a Hughes school picture (students and teacher by name) was published in the Union Springs Herald of June 21, 1973.

The newsletter contained a transcript of grave markers by Hobson Roughton of the Herrin Family Cemetery. "Colored citizens of the area" were buried in the Herrin/Still Cemetery.

It told of the beginning of the "Still Road" in 1867. In the 1950s there were several stores in this area.

There was a listing of items sold in the Revenue License for one store. The Church of Christ was established in 1950. Names of married couples were given in the context of a historical note on the area.

The population of six towns in Bullock County in 1900 was given, with a total population of 31,944. The March 2021 newsletter will contain information about the history of the High Ridge area of Bullock County.

The Bullock County Historical Society officers are: President, Dean Spratlan; Vice-President Hermetta Williams; Secretary/Treasurer, Janet Rainer. Chairpersons of committees are: Newsletter, Anne Brabham; Log Cabin, Harold Benton; Old Jail, Barbara McLaurine, and Chunnenuggee Fair, Susan Anderson.

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