Willie Spears

Willie Spears

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My daughter’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Her birthday, my son’s birthday, and my wife’s birthday are all in November. Three November birthdays and the holiday that focuses on my daughter’s favorite pastime are all in the same month. Tayelor’s favorite pastime is eating. She is a good student, a good person, and a good writer, but she is an amazing eater.

When she was a little girl, my wife’s family would host a huge Thanksgiving feast combined with family entertainment. There was a deejay, a microphone, and a dance floor. The little children would do skits and dance routines to entertain the adults. Meanwhile, every Thanksgiving dish you could think of was available. I literally ate too much and hurt my shoulder. I hurt my shoulder!

Tayelor loves Thanksgiving so much that she gets upset when people start celebrating Christmas too early. She sees it as disrespecting or overlooking Thanksgiving. On Sunday, we went to my in-laws to have Sunday dinner. On the way there, I played Christmas music, and Tayelor was upset.

To make things worse, we saw a few houses fully decorated for Christmas on the way home. My daughter said, “Come on, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.” As we passed well-lit front yards, I tried to respect her desire to wait to play Christmas music. We laughed as a family most of the way home as Tayelor gave us example after example of how Thanksgiving is disrespected.

It is important to respect the desires of others if we want to win at home. However, in a few weeks, we will travel as a family on vacation. I hope she brings her ear pods because I will play all the classics during this road trip.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Andy Williams, Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt, Last Christmas by Wham!, All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey, Do You Hear What I Hear by Bing Crosby, It’s Begging to Look a Lot Like Christmas by Michael Buble, and Santa Clause is Coming to Town by The Jackson 5. The Classics.

I want to encourage you to create memories and do not forget your family traditions this holiday season. Most of all, enjoy Thanksgiving, and do not overlook the most excellent way of celebrating gratitude! Thanksgiving.

Three ways to win at home:

1. Respect the desires of others

2. Laugh together as a family

3. Travel together as a family

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