Zoom meeting held

Zoom meeting held

A summer session class at Auburn University recently partnered with Bullock County to provide economic development assistance as part of the course’s curriculum.

David Padgett, Economic Developer with Bullock County Development Authority, was provided recommendations on website messaging and social media design, tourism, and uses of the Franklin Field Airport along with its industrial expansion.

The class (POLI7700) was a three hour graduate course and is offered through the Department of Political Science.

The class introduced students to the theory and practice of the broad field of economic development.

The program allowed students to expand their knowledge, develop an appreciation of the field, and gain practical experience assisting a community with an application project.

Most of the students who took part in the course are studying in the Master of Public Administration or Community Planning programs.

Approximately one-third of the class was comprised of international students.

David Mixson, Associate Director of University Outreach’s Government and Economic Development Institute (GEDI), served as instructor of the course which was conducted via Zoom.

Mixson was pleased with the students’ recommendations and work during the short summer mini-semester. “The opportunity for our students to apply their knowledge and gain first-hand experience, while also helping Bullock County develop an economic development plan, is a win-win proposition.

This community project reflects Auburn’s commitment to both instructional and outreach excellence as a land-grant university,” Mixson said.

For more information on this program, GEDI and Auburn University’s Economic Development Administration’s University Center program, please contact David Mixson at 334.844.4704 or via email at mixsoad@auburn.edu.

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