Coach LaBarron Wright

Coach LaBarron Wright

South Highlands Middle School Football Coach LaBarron Wright began his career as an assistant coach for Bullock County High School for three years.

He entered the coaching profession in 2009.

At that time the school did not have a feeder program according to Coach Wright.

"In order for the high school to become successful it has to have some type of feeder program in progress,” according to Coach Wright.

Coach Wright stated he knew this would be a challenge, but his love for the children, the district, and the game pushed his feelings aside and he started the program from scratch.

Over the years, according to Coach Wright, "It was difficult not having proper support. It would have been less stressful if those in authority had made an effort to work with him instead of causing confusion and conflict.”

Coach Wright continued by expressing that players not being able to play due to late submission of clearance by the Athletic Director, but sporadicly being cleared the day after a game showing players are in good standings were one of the numerous mishaps I had to endure.”

Coach Wright also stated that it was okay for others to be ugly to him, but choosing to hurt the children of this community and rob them out of their passion to represent the school athletically was a hit below the belt.

"As a human we will never agree on a way to do everything, but being biased to one person or sport over another hurts the children,” Coach Wright stated.

At the end of the day Coach Wright exclaims it’s all about the children.

Coach Wright led the young men to numerous championships and victories over his nine year coaching span as the Head Football Coach for South Highlands Middle School.

According to Coach Wright, there is no doubt in his mind that the decision to resign was the right choice with what he was presented.

He will spend more time with his three children who are also involved in extra curriculum activities.

He expressed gratitude to the parents for trusting him with their children and those who genuinely looked out for the players.

He gives a special thanks to Chairman Alonza Ellis, Jr., Mayor Roderick Clark, and Dr. Christopher Blair along with the Bullock County Board Of Education.

Their support in providing the players with championship rings and trophies were greatly appreciated.

In the closing statement Coach Wright said he plans to continue to teach in the district and he has no plans on leaving. He wishes the team and the replacing coach much success.

Go Hornets!

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