By Faye Gaston

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey announced at a recent Press Conference that the statewide Alabama "Safer at Home" health order requiring wearing facial masks in public is extended through Sunday, November 8, 2020.

She said that one reason for extending the order beyond November 3 is the National Election.

She explained, "I want everyone to vote and to be able to do it safely."

Governor Ivey and State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris issued the mask order effective July 16, 2020, as Alabama saw increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases.

The order was extended twice, and now it is extended through November 8, 2020, with the following requirements.

The mask should cover the nostrils and mouth:

  1. When within 6 feet of people from another household in indoor spaces open to the public
  2. In a vehicle operated by a transportation service
  3. In outdoor spaces where ten or more are gathered

Masks are not required for children age six or younger, people with medical disability that prevents wearing masks, people voting, or those "actively providing or obtaining access to religious worship."

COVID-19 is spread by nearby coughs, sneezes, or conversations from people, or on common surfaces.

Experts agree that it is not floating in the air like pollen.

Therefore, it is not necessary to wear a mask while driving alone in a car or walking down a street alone. Lungs need to be able to fully expand without a mask on whenever you are not around others.

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