Lynn Jinks, III

This is the springtime of the year. The trees have turned green after a winter of sleep. The flowers are blooming everywhere. Buttercups, verbena, anemone, clover, golden alexander, wild violets – all are competing for the attention of our eyes. The poet D. H. Lawrence posed this question: “And I, what fountain of fire am I among/This leaping combustion of spring? Our mood is affected by our environment and surroundings. It is not surprising, then, that we feel more energetic and lighthearted in the spring when nature wakes up and becomes alive.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the burden of everyday life that we forget to look, to see the amazing transformation that is happening all around us. Like the trees and flowers that surround us, we should cast off the shroud of winter and embrace the rebirth that comes in spring. Let’s remember to look and to see the beautiful world that we are passing through. Another poet, A. E. Housman made this promise to himself: “And since to look at things in bloom/Fifty springs are little room, /About the woodlands I will go/To see the cherry hung with snow.” That sounds like good advice to me!

Lynn Jinks is an attorney with Jinks, Crow & Dickson, P.C.

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