By Sarah Hixon

The Green Thumb Garden Club met on October 19, 2021, at the Union Springs Country Club with Jane Williamson hosting.

The subject of the program was the story of the Pauly Jail, presented by Mrs. Barbara McLaurine. The Pauly Jail, located behind the Bullock County Courthouse, was built in 1897 and served the county for three-quarters of a century. It was “state of the art” for jail construction when it was built and unusual in that the interior was entirely metal; no wood was used inside the structure.

After giving a brief history of the building, Mrs. McLaurine led the group on a fascinating tour through the building, highlighting features of historical significance, such as the trap door set in the floor of the third level to allow indoor execution by hanging. (It was emphasized that this feature was never officially used.)

Today, it stands as a fine example of Victorian Gothic architecture with unique corner turrets topped by “witches’ hats.” It was replaced in 1972 when the current Bullock County Jail was built. In 2004, part of the movie “Heaven’s Fall” was filmed inside the jail.

It is also a frequent destination for groups investigating paranormal activity. The November meeting of the Club was convened on November 16, 2021, at the Union Springs Country Club, with Cecilia Moorer serving as hostess.

Kathy Capps presented the program on forcing spring bulbs to bloom. It was a hands-on event with each member given a container for planting, several narcissus bulbs, and small rocks as supporting medium.

When kept watered indoors, with the root end of the bulbs kept just at the water level, they should sprout, grow, and within a few weeks display a profusion of fragrant flowers.

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