Union Springs Fire Department

Union Springs Fire Department 

By Faye Gaston

Rob Cameron, Fire Chief of the Union Springs Fire Department, gave his monthly report at the City Council meeting on October 4, 2021.

He reported that during September 2021, the firemen answered emergency calls as follows:

Extinguished a tree fire on Baskin Street on September 23

Extinguished a grass fire on Foster Road on September 30

Responded to a car accident on Highway 82 East on September 29

Firemen received training by "ALEA Assist" on September 4

Conducted two training drills at the fire department on September 6 and September 20.

The drills enhance the ability of firefighters to deal more effectively with fire and related emergencies.

At drills, they are trained to react to challenging situations and use fire equipment, such as ladders, hoses, chainsaws, fire extinguishers, and axes.

At drills, they learn to be calm under pressure, quick thinking, and work well with others in dealing with fires and other emergencies.

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