By Johnny Adams

Authorities say, Jeremy Wesley Penn, 22, allegedly shot 29-year-old Johnarian Travez Allen eight times during an argument that began because Penn felt Allen was crossing the street too slowly.

Thursday, August 27, 2020, at about 7:45 p.m., Penn was traveling north in his vehicle on Baskin Street. As he approached Underwood Avenue, Allen was walking across the street after purchasing snacks at the Union Springs Citgo. Penn felt Allen was walking too slowly or blocking his lane of travel, so Penn blew his car horn.

Allen stepped to the side, and as Penn drove past Allen, argumentative words were exchanged. Penn allegedly stopped his vehicle, reversed a short distance to Allen, and at some point, began firing his pistol, striking Allen eight times.

Allen was pronounced dead at the scene by Bullock County Coroner Sidney Jernigan. After the deadly shooting, Penn drove to Deputy Sheriff Chad Faulkner’s home and turned himself in.

Penn allegedly admitted shooting Allen and turned his weapon over to the deputy. Penn was taken to the Bullock County Jail and charged with capital murder. Attorney Jennifer Tompkins has been appointed by the court to represent Penn.

Penn waived a hearing on Friday, and an arraignment was held on Monday of this week. A preliminary hearing will be held within 30 days. Attorney Tompkins is supposedly disputing the capital murder charge and trying to have the charge reduced to murder.

The difference in murder and capital murder may depend on whether Penn was firing his weapon while inside his vehicle or if he stepped out of his vehicle and then fired his weapon.

Capital murder allows a person to be punished by a sentence of death or life imprisonment without parole. Currently, Penn is being held without bond.

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