Roderick Clark

Roderick Clark

Citizens of Union Springs, I would like to sincerely thank you all for participating in your civic duty two weeks ago by voting on August 25th for the candidates you felt compelled to choose to lead this City forward. It is truly a blessing to be a front runner in the upcoming run off election on October 6th for Mayor of this Great City!

Being a native of this community has made this opportunity even more fulfilling! As a adolescent, after graduating from our beloved B.C.H.S, I set out to obtain my degree in Political Science with the hopes of coming back home to implement the knowledge acquired. Through God’s grace and mercy, I received my Degree in Political Science with a Minor in Public Administration from The Great Alabama State University in 2010.

Within these last 10 years I have had the privilege to use my degree working with and for Congressional, State, and local government and politics. Serving as a City Council Member for 8 years and EMA Director for 5 years in my home city has been one of my greatest accomplishments yet.

I plan on continuing my service here in our community as Mayor if chosen to have that tremendous opportunity!

I have been in prayer about my leadership and the direction of this City that we all love.

My goals for my administration if gratefully chosen are to focus on but not limited to the following issues: Citizen retainment, Adequate Housing Options, Better Quality of Life, Elevating the Arts& Entertainment Culture of our City, Jobs & Recruitment, Promoting Small Businesses, Building Strong Relationship between Local Businesses and Chamber of Commerce, Partnering with Local Educational System on training programs and Job Preparedness, and Proactively working with State & Federal Legislators to help promote new jobs for our region and city!

With your help on October 6, 2020, we can work on all these things and more! Please be sure to get back to the polls in this runoff election, and Vote Roderick Clark for Mayor!!!


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