By Faye Gaston

The monthly Historical Preservation report was presented at the Union Springs City Council meeting on April 5, 2021, by Faye Gaston. She gleaned information for Bullock County's history from the files of the Herald newspaper as follows.

In February 59 years ago, the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, in cooperation with federal, county, and local authorities, announced they had destroyed nine moonshine stills in Bullock County. They also destroyed 5,120 gallons of mash and 11 gallons of moonshine whiskey and captured 20 gallons of fuel oil, 60 pounds of sugar, and 30 feet of pipe.

Fifty-nine years ago, Eastside Baptist Church celebrated its first anniversary on Sunday, January 7, 1962. In January 59 years ago, Union Springs Mayor Frank Anderson stated that all dimes deposited in the parking meters during January would go to the March of Dimes fund drive.

This had been the custom for several years. We do not have parking meters anymore.

In February 59 years ago, the movie "The Alamo" starring John Wayne, Richard Widmark, and Lawrence Harvey played at the Lilfred movie theatre in Union Springs on Sunday and Monday. Admission was .75 cents for adults and .25 cents for children.

We do not have a movie theatre anymore. Forty-seven years ago, the Bullock County Voters League held its first annual banquet in 1974. In February, 34 years ago, local citizens had an opportunity to tour the Bullock County Correctional Facility before inmates were brought in for the official opening.

In March 34 years ago, Jimmy C. Martin said he had enjoyed his first month as Acting Police Chief for the City of Union Springs. He was appointed Acting Chief by the City Council when Chief Alvin Woodruff resigned.

In April 19 years ago, the Alabama Forestry Commission had responded to 62 fires that had consumed 1,463.6 acres in 6 months.

A ten-year average for forest fires in Bullock County was between 30 and 40 fires each year. In May 19 years ago, the Bullock County Chamber of Commerce welcomed Dollar General to Union Springs with a ribbon-cutting. I welcome Dollar General every day.

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