By Kim Adams Graham

Bullock County Commission is considering a five million dollar bond issue to be used for resurfacing various county roads.

Commissioner John McGowan presented a bond issue proposal to the commission at a recent meeting. According to County Engineer Jason DeShazo, it is estimated that about 61 miles of roads could be paved with that amount of money.

That figure could vary depending on the particular road conditions.

The county has a total of 310 paved road miles. The estimated annual payments to repay the bond issue will be between $400,000 and $560,000 depending on the term of the bond and the interest rate.

At a recent county commission meeting residents attended and made complaints about the conditions of County Roads 37, 165, and 52.

Some commissioners state they have also received phone calls about the condition of other roads including County Road 61, Sugar Harris Road, and Great Hope Road.

The county engineer explained that many of the roads are rough and some have not been repaved for over 60 years.

Additionally, the county engineer explained that funds received from road paving have dropped lower than what was received about ten years ago.

There are also concerns that if electric vehicles become more popular less gasoline will be sold which will further reduce the income of funds available to pave roads. It seems as if everyone agrees that roads need to be repaved but the problem is how to obtain the funds.

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