By Faye Gaston

The Women on Mission (WOM) of First Baptist Church continues to meet during the COVID-19 pandemic. Members meet in Providence Hall, wear facial masks, sit several feet apart, and serve no refreshments.

Gail Barr, WOM president, gave the opening prayer on February 8, 2021, led the WOM watchword's reciting (Hebrews 10:39) and the WOM mission (to inform and inspire Christians to influence their world for Christ).

Reports were presented. The Church Clothing Room is closed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amy Hall gave the Treasury Report. Faye Gaston read the report/minutes of the January meeting. Mona Crawford read a thank-you note for the $50 sent to purchase twenty chickens for eggs and meat for two families in a "developing country" for the January Mission Action project. This would open doors for missionaries to share the Christian Gospel. The February mission action project was to present Valentines and boxes of candy as appreciation gifts to a group for their Christian influence.

A report was given for the cards sent in January from WOM by Sandra Till to the sick and bereaved. Names were taken for cards to be sent in February.

Mona Crawford presented the Bible Study from "Missions Mosaic" magazine. She offered prayer and used Colossians 4:12 as the text for the subject of "Wrestling in Prayer" (to agonize in prayer). Paul agonized in prayer for the Colossian Church due to false teachers there.

She distributed a bookmark and booklet with a prayer guide with Scriptures and suggested prayers for 30 days.

Amy Hall taught the Missionary/Prayer Focus from "Missions Mosaic" magazine. The focus was on Southern Baptist missionaries who serve people who speak a different language. She stated that there are 7,353 different languages in the world, and 700 language groups have the full Bible translated in their native language.

One of the ways missionaries teach people is through singing songs. She led the singing of "Jesus Loves Me" in English and then Spanish from a page that printed the song in both languages.

It also held a drawing of Jesus with a group of children to color. Using verses of prayer from Psalms, she urged to pray regularly in a specific place with no distractions. She distributed pages of puzzles to find Bible words in mixed-up letters.

Members read names of missionaries with February 8 birthdays, and Mona Crawford prayed for them.

Present were Gail Barr, Mona Crawford, Fay Duncan, Faye Gaston, Amy Hall, and Sally Hall.

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