Councilman Derrick Harris thanked parents for sending students to the Summer Enrichment Program.

Councilman Derrick Harris thanked parents for sending students to the Summer Enrichment Program.

By Faye Gaston

The City Council met on June 21, 2021, with Union Springs Mayor Roderick Clark presiding and praying the invocation.

The approval of bills over $1,000 was on the agenda: May's Distributing Co., Inc. Fuel, $4,642.01; Chappell Tire Service, $1,131.98, The Asbury Group, LLC $2,160.00, and Clarke $1,331.00.

Councilman Eugene Faulk asked for the Chappell Tire Service bill to be explained by Henry Thrasher, Public Works Director, and questioned the Asbury Group bill.

Thrasher explained that the tires were for the tractor and stated that the sidewalk for American Deli was agreed on at the last City Council meeting. In reference to the fuel bill from May's, Councilman Derrick Harris asked why so much gas was being used. Mayor Clark explained that the policemen and street department workers ride all day and need this much gas.

Mayor Clark asked for a motion to approve the bills over $1,000. The vote was 4 to 1, with Councilman Harris opposing. The vote was unanimous in approving all other bills after a proper audit.

It was voted to approve the motion to advertise to hire two police dispatchers. The Union Springs Utilities Board had approved the re-appointment of Henry Relf and Joe Harris to the Utilities Board.

The City Council appointed Tony Jackson and Eddie Davis to replace them at its June 8 meeting. Councilman Louis Murry motioned to keep the new members, Tony Jackson and Eddie Davis, seconded by Councilwoman Thorpe.

The motion carried 3 to 2, with Councilman Harris opposed and Councilman Faulk abstaining.

Announcements were made. Mayor Clark announced the city was hosting a Town Hall Meeting at the Stone Complex on June 24, 2021, to discuss ways to solve violence. Shuyron Macon said he would attend the agenda-setting meeting about the bond project loan of $1.5 million. Councilman Faulk announced a COVID-19 block party.

Councilman Harris thanked parents for sending students to the Summer Enrichment Program. Rob Cameron said the repairs on the Fire Station were almost complete, and the bell would soon be going up. LeShandria Johnson said the Recreation Center football team was selected to participate in the football jamboree.

Veronica Harris stated that stray dogs were tearing up trash cans and spreading paper in her community, and people can't walk without being chased by dogs. She wants Alabama Power Co. to repair the light on Owens Street because the streets are dark, and pedestrians have almost been hit by cars.

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