By Felicia Farnsworth

This week, in honor of Small Business Week, we highlight Los Portales Mexican Restaurant and Ace Packaging, LLC.

Los Portales Mexican Restaurant has been owned and operated by Mr. Luis Enriques for over twenty-one years.

“Los Portales means, ‘to open doors,’ In Mexico, we use arches. So, it’s like open doors in the sky,” Mr. Enriques commented about the name of his restaurant. Enriques chose to open his restaurant in Union Springs because it was out of the normal for the area, and he felt it was a good investment because of the community.

Before coming to Union Springs, Enriques was born in Mexico City, Mexico but grew up in New York.

For reasons other than the cold weather, Enriques moved to Gainesville, GA, and opened an upholstery shop, which his brother now runs.

Enriques moved his family to Montgomery and opened Los Portales with the ideas of his future retirement in mind. “I’m not going to be around forever, and I wanted to have a good investment in an area that would enjoy good authentic Mexican food,” Enriques said, “#51 on our menu is a customer favorite, mixed fajitas.

I call it Alabama Fajita. Customers also love the shrimp and fish meals. We also offer vegetarian meals.” Enriques enjoys his days at the restaurant and says that his patrons are more like friends when they come to eat. Los Portales has a fantastic lunch menu.

The specials include two meals for $6.99, three meals for $8.99, or four meals for $9.99. The meals include a drink and are offered Tuesday- Sunday. A copy of Los Portales’ menu can be seen at

Ace Packaging, LLC, formerly known as Ace Tech, specializes in manufacturing returnable racks for the automotive industry, metal fabrication, industrial sewing, and CNC plasma cutting.

The companies they are affiliated with include Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, and a few others. Woo “Dale” Ryu is the owner, sales director, and safety management developer. Mr. Ryu lives with his family in Suwannee, GA; however, he commutes to Montgomery and Union Springs to run his business.

Ace Packaging is currently in the process of giving back to the community by making blocking sleds for the BCHS football team.

They’ve already spoken with Mayor Clark about the donation and are awaiting approval from the Bullock County School Board.

“We are interested in giving back to the community. Other than making the blocking sleds for the BCHS football team, we would like to work with the city as well, in any way that we can,” stated Sheyla Mora, administrative assistant to Mr. Ryu. Ace Pack, as the employees call it, has twenty to twenty-five employees.

They are currently looking to hire welders, grinders, painters, assemblers, and sewers. Applicants must be sixteen years old or older to work in the warehouse. Applications can be picked up at 261 Welch Ave Union Springs, AL 36089.

For further information, please call Sheyla at 334-321-9170 or 334-213-9610.

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