Gary Hyche, Project Manager for Clear Water Solutions (CWS).  (Photo by Faye Gaston)

Gary Hyche, Project Manager for Clear Water Solutions (CWS).  (Photo by Faye Gaston)

By Faye Gaston

The Utilities Board report to the City Council is on the agenda for meetings on the first Monday of every month. Gary Hyche, Project Manager for Clear Water Solutions (CWS) presented an update for the month of March 2021.

He completed the MWPP report (Municipal Wastewater Planning Program and the annual DOT Gas report.

The team installed a new water line on Highway 29 South and solved the problem of a large leak on Southern Springs Road.

48,221,000 gallons of water were produced and 13% is unaccounted for.

An "EPA Risk and Resilience Plan" was started.

The following is his report on routine work that was also reported for the month of February to the City Council .

In the month of March, his crew completed all work orders assigned for water, sewer and gas; collected all samples required by ADEM and delivered them to the Lab; located water, sewer and gas lines as assigned; read all water and gas meters; and did turn-offs for non-payments.

There were no compliance issues or violations. Hyche and his team is actively working with Engineers to develop and implement long-term plans for the water, sewer and gas systems such as new meters, new tank location, valve placement, etc.

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