The Post Office held open house in 1971, bringing in the new postal service. The present Union Springs Post Office building was built in 1930.

The Post Office held open house in 1971, bringing in the new postal service. The present Union Springs Post Office building was built in 1930. 

By Faye Gaston

The following is the Historical Preservation Report given by Faye Gaston at the June 8, 2021, meeting of the Union Springs City Council. This report reviews some of the headlines published in the Union Springs newspaper of news stories in 1971, fifty years ago.

• Census Bureau announces the official population of Bullock County in 1970 to be 11,824 against 13,462 in 1960.

• Union Springs Herald named one of 19 newspapers with a century or more service to community and Alabama journalism, and receives a plaque and becomes a charter member of Alabama Press Association Century Club.

• Mrs. Blount's home is given to Huntingdon College. (This is the large brick house on N. Prairie Street that became the home of well-known Pete and Bernice Trussell and later Terri and Hunky Daniel.)

• Dr. O. Emfinger elected President of State Medical Association.

• Midway Water Works expands facilities: Gets $95,000 loan and $30,000 grant for new well, etc.

• Local National Guard unit leaves for Ft. McClellan June 27. (This would be the annual summer training.)

• Work starts on Prairie Street. New roadbed, curbs, sidewalks, new light poles, all wiring to be removed from Prairie Street. Merchants must remove hanging signs over sidewalks.

• Post Office holds Open House, bringing in the new postal service.

• Hospital faces financial crisis.

• Faith Independent Methodist Church holds groundbreaking services, August 11. (This was a new church.)

• Grand Jury report says county jail is deplorable.

• October 7---City passes 1 cent sales tax. Funds to be used for food stamps, schools, and hospital.

• Union Springs Telephone Company completes laying underground cable on Prairie Street.

• J.P. Court (Justice of the Peace) abolished in Bullock County.

• New Inferior Court established with Judge Ted Hoffman presiding

• H.O. (Red) Williams was elected Sheriff of Bullock County.

• Raymond Allen was elected coroner.

These were some of the headlines of 50 years ago. This history is preserved in the Union Springs Herald newspaper files.

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