More than 30 of Alabama’s mayors have signed up during the last week to help encourage Alabamians to get vaccinated, and others are joining daily.

The local leaders have enrolled in the We Can Do This Alabama Mayors’ Challenge, an attempt to get a 20 percent increase in vaccinations by Labor Day, Sept. 6.

“With COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations dramatically increasing in our state, we are calling on everyone in a leadership position to help us fight this virus,” said Dr. Donald Williamson, president of the Alabama Hospital Association, and speaking on behalf of the We Can Do This Alabama Coalition. “At this point it is about sharing information on a personal level, encouraging those with hesitation to talk with their doctor and other vaccinated friends and family members. We know that our mayors are trusted and respected in their communities, and we are extremely grateful for those who are stepping up to help.”

Mayors who wish to participate in the challenge can sign up by visiting and filling out a short form. On that same page, mayors will also find a comprehensive toolkit that includes resources to help them promote the COVID-19 vaccine in their community. Participating mayors are listed on the We Can Do This Alabama website.

We Can Do This Alabama is a collaborative effort between the Alabama Department of Public Health, the Alabama Hospital Association, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, the Alabama Nursing Home Association, the Alabama Primary Health Care Association, the Alabama Chapter-AAP, the Alabama Council for Behavioral Healthcare, the Alabama State Nurses Association, and the Medical Association of the State of Alabama with the goal of increasing COVID-19 vaccinations in Alabama through a grassroots approach.

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