By Kim Adams Graham

The Union Springs City Council approved a liquor license for John Davis without having a public hearing. The business is located directly behind Eastside Baptist Church.

Union Springs City Councilman Louis Murray voted to give him the license and Councilwoman Belinda Faye Mason-Thorpe seconded the motion.

Councilman Pugh voted for the license with Councilman Eugene Faulk and Councilman Derrik Harris voted against it. In the past, before an alcohol license was approved, it would be advertised in the newspaper to notify the public and then a public hearing would be held.

For this license, it was not advertised and no public hearing was held. After the Davis liquor license was approved, Mr. Adams, who was recently denied a liquor license on Conecuh Avenue, stood up and said this is not fair.

Mr. Davis was approved for a liquor license and he recently had a murder at his location and I was denied. Tension could be felt throughout the room.

The police chief stood up and the mayor began striking his gavel to bring the meeting back to order.

According to, the following ordinance would apply to this situation: Sec. 5-90. - Approval of license to sell beer at retail required; application.

No person shall sell beer at retail in the city or within the police jurisdiction thereof without first having applied to the city council for approval of a license as herein provided.

The application shall be in writing and shall state the name of the owner or proprietor, the type of business, in connection with which beer will be sold, the location of the business and such other pertinent information as the city council may require.

The request must be advertised for two weeks at the business owner's expense and a public hearing shall be held at the city council meeting before the city council considers the application.

No license shall be issued until such application has received approval of the city council.

If, in the judgment of the council, the issuance of such license would be injurious to the public health, morals or safety, the council may in its discretion refuse such approval.

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