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In the 1870 Census of Bullock County, Alabama is listed a Pope Ray, age 56, and his wife, Mary, age 53 with children: Henderson, age 18; Elizabeth, age 15; Benjamin, age 13; Catherine, age 11; Roxana, age 9; Pope, age 5 and Laura, age 21. With Laura is listed a 3 year old, mulatto child named Albert (1). According to Ray/Rice family records Alto ______ , a white male of Italian descent was the father of Albert.

In the 1880 Census of Bullock County, Albert (1) was living in the household of Stephen Woodfolk and Ellen Ray Woodfolk. He is listed as a nephew.

Pope Ray, at this time, had married a Pollie Thornton, age 47 years. In this household, were Pope Ray Jr., age 16, and three Thornton children. I did not find Laura, the mother of Albert(1), in the 1880 Census.

Albert Ray (1) married Angeline Davis on August 28, 1890 at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. George Davis.

The 1870 Census, Suspension Beat, Bullock County, lists George Davis, age 24, wife, Nancy, age 24 with two children: Angeline, age 5 and Mary, age 3.

The Assessment of Taxes on Real Estate and Personal Property for Union Springs Beat # 3 for 1895 reveal: Albert Ray (1), colored, lived on the S. P. Rainer place. Taxable items in the possession of Mr. Ray were: Household furniture, value $10.00; oxen and cattle: 2 head, value $2.00; wagons and other vehicles: value $9.00; clocks and watches: value$2.00; wagons: value $8.00; guns: value$5.00; and mules: 2 head, value $100.00. In addition Albert paid a poll tax of $l.50.

In the 1900 Census of Bullock County, Albert Ray (1) is listed as, age 29, with his wife, Angeline, age 29, and children: Alto, age 9; Albert Jr, age 7; Nancy , age 6; Price R. age 4; George H, age 3; Warren?, age 1, also there were two boarders living in the household.

In 1898, S.P. and Minnie F. Rainer sold to Albert Ray (1) the Northeast Quarter of Section 35, Township 14, Range23, less 15 acres previously deeded to J. M. Orr, for $2500.00.

In 1901, Albert and Angeline Ray sold a strip of land 50 feet wide, containing four acres, across the East half of the Northeast Quarter of Section 35, Township 14, Range 23 to the Union Springs and Northern Railway Company for right-of-way.

In June 1904, Albert Ray (1) and Jeff Thornton purchases from J. L. Todd, H. B. Hitchie, T. H. Hensley, J. C. Calloway, F. C. Bray, and C. W. Walter, as Trustees of the Loving Friend Lodge Number 3400, Sacred United Order of Odd Fellows for $1060.00, that portion of the three story brick building on the west side of Prairie Street on lot 17, block 39 in the Town of Union Springs. At the time it was occupied by Clarence Mitchell as a store and restaurant.

In 1904, Albert Ray (2) relocated to Birmingham. In the book, “Condoleezza Rice, An American Life, a biography”, by Elisabeth Bumiller, she writes, “When a white man is said to have assaulted his sister, Albert responded to the attack by beating up the white man, a crime so severe for a black youth that he fled Union Springs, terrified that he would be lynched”.

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