By Faye Gaston

A parade was held in the Greenwood community on Saturday, January 8, 2022, to celebrate the New Year.

The parade began at noon when it was 55 degrees. Smoke was rising from several booths where outdoor cooking was taking place in the huge pasture area where spectators gathered, adjacent to the street for the parade.

Men were directing the parking of vehicles from the spectators.

A sheriff's department car began the parade. Twenty-five youth in Chilly's Ice Cool Band led the parade as they played music, waved pom-poms, and danced. Thirty shiny vehicles were in the parade.

In addition, there were two jeeps and two four-wheelers. A few trucks had trailers transporting treasured vehicles for display. Children enjoyed the candy thrown from the vehicles.

Two vehicles were campaigning to "Elect Watts for Coroner" and "Re-elect Don Larkins for County Commissioner."

The parade of vehicles turned around and came back to enter the pasture area. It was evident that all would be staying to enjoy the afternoon together to celebrate the New Year.

There was indeed lots of food to choose from for a lunch of celebration.

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