Willie Spears

Willie Spears

Now Hiring is a weekly article written by highly sought-after author and public speaker Willie Spears. Willie has written thirteen books and travels around the country, adding value to the lives of others through his books and dynamic presentations. Learn more at www.WillieSpears.com.

We all know movies are fiction, not real. We know the truth about Santa, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Wrestling. Yes, wrestling. For years we were made to believe wrestling was real, but now we know the truth.

I believe one day, we will learn that owners of professional sports teams are more concerned about entertainment than integrity. Professional sports is a billion-dollar industry showcased through television shows.

If the star of the show is not seen in the right light or is injured, it hurts the ratings and revenue of the show. However, we are a few decades away from knowing this truth.

We should be closer to knowing the truth about music, but we aren't.

We believe the artist singing or rapping the songs is presenting some type of biography or testimony when in fact, most times, they are reading another person's words.

Writers, not the actresses, wrote the funny lines from the Golden Girls.

The famous line "I'll Be Back" was not written by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Denzel Washington isn't really an American Gangster, a crooked detective, Navy Officer, or a high school football coach. He was pretending.

We seem to forget this when we listen to George Strait, Whitney Houston, Brittney Spears, or Puff Daddy, who didn't write ninety percent of their songs. We also seem to forget that it is all entertainment and not reality. We also seem to forget the artist are also pretending, which is a synonym for acting.

This is dangerous because children believe many of the artists are serious. Several country music songs promote alcohol use and abuse; read the lyrics. Young people believe this behavior is normal for the artist. Consequences are not advertised, and this is dangerous for innocent minds. Several hip-hop songs promote violence and sexual promiscuity.

The issue lies in the power of words. Daryl DMC McDaniels is a hip-hop legend from the group RUN DMC. He said the songwriters' lyrics are to blame for the violence in the community. He said his lyrics about attending college caused others to attend college.

Many hip-hop artists in the eighties and nineties encouraged listeners not to use drugs, not hurt one another, and have protected sex. Now Hiring responsible songwriters. Words Matter.

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