By Kim Adams Graham

Ms. Dontriece Melton was not permitted to place her trailer in her desired location at Monday night’s City Council meeting. Ms. Melton has been trying to get a permit since June 2021.

There has been one hurdle after another for her. It was on the agenda to decide on the application.

Union Springs City Councilman Louis Murry made a motion to grant Ms. Melton a place to put her trailer and said, “We can make a decision for the city. A planning committee does not make the decisions for the city. There are no houses for sale. Ms. Melton cannot go to a trailer park that is not up to par. Where she wants to put her trailer, there is a trailer here and a trailer there. I can’t see why you can’t put another trailer here. Other people have trailers without permits.”

Mayor Clark said that Ms. Melton had been denied from the Planning Commission.

Union Springs Planning Commission Chairman Joyce Perring said, “We did not deny anything. No action was taken. Ms. Melton never went before the Planning Commission and never filled out an application. She has to have a public hearing.”

City Attorney Ashley Malory advised the council that a public meeting should occur before voting on the matter.

Mayor Clark thanked Ms. Melton for being diligent and patient with the process, and hopefully, everything will work out. He instructed Planning Commission Chairman Joyce Perrin, Utilities Board Manage Gary Hyche, and Attorney Mallory to work on this issue.

Gary Hyche said that he would meet with Ms. Melton at the property this week. The property is located at Poe’s Trailer Park and could be in a flood plain.

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