The mission of The World Conference of Mayors, Inc., an international organization, composed of mayors, and other elected and appointed officials, is outlined in our 7 goals, which we define as our 7 T’s. They are Trust, Trade, Tourism, Technology, Treasury, Training, and Twin City programs. During this global Coronavirus Pandemic we are called upon to be the voice that will enable “Trust”, in both the world’s scientists who have developed vaccines that we hope will save humanity from the Coronavirus, and “Trust” in those that will distribute those vaccines.

Most of the members of WCM represent constituents who are Black (African American) “people of color”, and “people of color” who are Black all over the world, have many historical reasons to be skeptical of a vaccine’s safety for us in particular. We in America know that we have been used as medical guinea pigs for centuries. Honorable Johnny Ford in particular, as Founder/Secretary General of the WCM, as Chair of the National Black Leadership Commission on Black Health, and as a former Mayor of Tuskegee, who pledged that the infamous syphilis study conducted by The US Public Health Service in Tuskegee, would never happen again, feels a special responsibility, to assure African American citizens in particular, that this time we can trust science, and take the vaccine, trusting that it will be for us, the safe, preventive tool, that it will be for people of all races and cultures across the world.

The WCM therefore encourages Black, and other “people of color” in America, who the US CDC, and the medical team of President Joe Biden, and Vice President Kamala Harris (as of Jan. 20th ), say are medically able to do so, to take the federally authorized vaccine that is offered where they live. This is a new day, and we as a people must live to take part in it.

Ed Jones

Honorable Ed Jones

President, WCM

Co-Founder, Historic Black Towns And

Settlements Alliance, Inc.(HBTSA)

Johnny Ford

Honorable Johnny Ford

Founder/Secretary General, WCM

Founding President, Historic Black Towns

And Settlements Alliance, Inc. (HBTSA)

Chair, National Black Leadership Commission

On Health (Black Health)

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