Union Springs Mayor Roderick Clark

Union Springs Mayor Roderick Clark

By Felicia Farnsworth

With the rate of crime steadily rising in Union Springs and Bullock County, Union Springs Mayor Roderick Clark is pleading with the citizens of Union Springs and Bullock County to step up and do the right thing.

“Citizens of Union Springs, it hurts to continuously hear and see that our city and county has become a place of unrest and violence,” stated Mayor Clark.

“Since I was in my adolescence, Union Springs was centered around community, unity, family, and love. I am more than positive that we, as a community, can return to these values and become a greater community than ever. Within the last few months, our crime rate has been on the upflow following the most recent shootings amongst our children and adolescents. We as a community, leaders, parents, ministry, stakeholders, aunts, uncles, family, and friends must pick up the mantle to secure the safety of all of our neighbors, young and old, from violent activities, either self-driven or unprecedented. We have an unspoken law in our community upon retaining vital information that could potentially change the trajectory of the violent nature of our community. By keeping it to ourselves and not sharing this information with the police, we unintentionally hurt our community.”

Mayor Clark goes on to say, “With the understanding of the culture to which our community is accustomed to, I am asking the citizens of Union Springs and Bullock County to please come forward. If you have any tips, suggestions, or concerns that identify with the violence that has commenced or any ideas on how we can make our community better, I, Mayor Clark, will place a dropbox at City Hall where you can choose to anonymously leave information to help us keep and make our community and city a better, safer place to live.

“I’m urging you, the citizens of Union Springs, to please utilize this dropbox. If you have any information in regards to the latest criminal acts of violence or any previous acts of violence, please anonymously leave any information you may have in the dropbox.

“By doing so, you are helping your fellow citizens and community to remain safe and yourself. Be blessed, Union Springs,” stated Mayor Clark.

The dropbox will be available during business hours as well as after business hours. It will be located at Union Springs City Hall, 212 N. Prairie Street, Union Springs, Alabama, 36089. You may also, anonymously, mail in any information, tips, suggestions, or concerns to the address listed above in care of Mayor Roderick Clark.

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