J.R. (Buster) Reynolds has suggestions on ways to solve the litter problem in Bullock County. He lives on County Road 22.  (Photo by Kim Graham)

J.R. (Buster) Reynolds has suggestions on ways to solve the litter problem in Bullock County. He lives on County Road 22.  (Photo by Kim Graham)

By Faye Gaston

J.R. (Buster) Reynolds is very concerned about the littering of trash on roadways throughout Bullock County.

He says those who "throw trash on the roadways have no respect for themselves, for other people or for our county. They don't care".

He encourages everyone to pick up trash in front of their home and keep a trash bag in their vehicles.

When the bag is full, please place it in a trash can instead of throwing it on the roadway. "If everyone does a little, a lot will get done."

He suggests the Bullock County employees and Bonnie Plant employees designate two or three days to work together to pick up trash all over the county.

He thanks Bonnie Plant Farm for recently utilizing a big truck and some employees to pick up trash on County Roads 148, 31, and 22.

He said this area "looks so much better." He has also seen county employees picking up trash.

He said, "There is a lot of litter on the Industrial Road, and it appears that folks dump trash on roadway 23, just past the chicken plant."

He spoke of a business that was "ready to sign papers to come here but saw so much litter that they decided not to locate here."

He had heard that the State of Georgia would fine those who are caught littering.

The problem would be in catching someone throwing trash on the roadway.

His suggestions are for every citizen to voluntarily pick up trash on their property and keep a trash bag in their vehicle.

He said that Bullock County is beautiful, but seeing trash detracts from this beauty.

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