By Kim Adams Graham

Midway Mayor Mildred Whittington requested $371,000 from the Bullock County Commission to complete the Midway Medical Clinic.

The request is contingent upon the consultant, Attorney General's Office, and County Attorney John Waters approving it as a legal expenditure.

Essie Thomas recited the Merritt Alma Mater and told the history of the Merritt school.

She explained some upkeep needed on the building and requested assistance from the county.

Kayla Dennis entered into a contract with the commission to record each meeting for $150 per hour. She will furnish the needed equipment.

The Garbage Pick-up is up for renewal before February 2022. The county will rebid the garbage service. At this point, it is unknown whether the rates will go up, go down or remain the same.

It has been recommended that the wiring be upgraded in the Commission Office and the Board of Education offices, and the county approved to accept bids to have that done.

The commission approved $2500.00 for each district to be used for County Outreach Programs.

The commission discussed purchasing a vehicle for the commissioners to use as needed.

The Revenue Commissioner, Sheriff, Probate Judge, and Chairman of the County Commission all have a salary of $52,500 per year. The sheriff requested the commission to recommend a pay increase to the legislature for his office. He is requesting an expense allowance. The next sheriff would make a salary of $82,500. Near Reid also wants a raise of $10,000. Commissioner Adams stated that all four elected officials need a raise if the funds are available. To keep qualified people running for office, the salaries need to be raised. It has been 30 years or more since a raise was given.

Two hundred turkeys will be given away at the Union Springs Nutrition Center. It will be first-come, first-serve.

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