06 Jan 1944 Seaman Lloyd Murray dies of gunshot wound. Nephew of Livingston Paulk.

10 Feb 1944 Union Springs High School Students Pass Aviation Cadet Mental Exams.

D. A. Caylor, Jr.

Fred Milton Chance

Donald Conant Parker

Sidney H. Walker

Alfred F. Cook

James T. Guthrie

James B. McKinstry

Robert L. Winters.

17 Feb 1944 Negro Killed In Italy: Staff Sergeant Henry Harris, Jr., with U.S. Army in Italy killed on 27 January. Son of Rev. H. Harris of Union Springs. Enlisted in the Army about five years ago. He has a brother with the U S Forces in India.

24 Feb 1944 Sergeant Lamar Blow is stationed with US Air Forces at Davis Monthan Field, Tucson, Arizona.

Medical Cadet Sidney A. Cohn of Tulane University.

02 Mar 1944 Captain James Paulk of the Army Medical Corps stationed in Arkansas.

16 Mar 1944 Two-man Jap Suicide Submarine to appear her March 27. Captured at Pearl Harbor will appear in Union Springs in front of the Courthouse March 27. Eighty-one feet long, seventeen and one-half tons; when captured it had tow eighteen feet torpedoes.

23 Mar 1944 Mrs. Sara S. Ogletree acting Tax Collector. Governor Sparks has announced that he would appoint Mrs. Sara S. Ogletree as temporary acting Tax Collector of Bullock County while her husband J. T. Ogletree was absent in armed services. Mr. Ogletree expects to enter the armed services around 5 April.

Two-cent Stamp to fade from the scene

20 Apr 1944 Britains tighten censorship rules as invasion nears.

27 Apr 1944 Lynn Jinks Jr., of U. S. Naval Air Force stationed at Milton, Florida.

11 May Sergeant George Blue arrived overseas.

Lieutenant Dorothy McLaurine Brannon visited her grandmother Mrs. L. P. McLaurine; she flew from England to christen the destroyer escort, the Charles E. Brannon, at Port Newark, NJ. The ship was named for her husband Ensign Brannon who was killed during the battle of Midway.

18 May 1944 Dewey Stewart of USN

Frank McFerrin, volunteered for service in the US Army, stationed at Fr. McPherson, Georgia.

08 Jun 1944 Allies Invade France-landing near LeHavre

29 Jun 1944 Sergeant Joe C. Gholston missing in action, missing since 14 June, over France; Gunner on Liberator Bomber.

13 Jul 1944 Seaman Second Class Leo Houston.

Miss Colleen Campbell has accepted a position in the laboratory at the hospital at the Oak Ridge Chemical Plant, Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

20 Jul 1944 Staff Sergeant Sam S. Rainer gets fifth Oak Leaf Cluster to Air Metal, while participating in bombardment mission over enemy territory. Top gunner on the Liberator Hoo-Jive Jr. has completed twenty-six missions, one to Berlin, four to Brunswick, two on D Day, has shot down an ME109 and FW190.

10 Aug 1944 Private First Class Joe Hoffman killed in action. Mrs. Margaret Hoffman has been informed by the War Department that her husband, Joe Hoffman, was killed inaction in Italy on July 2. Age 25, youngest son of Lee Hoffman; daughter Rita.

24 Aug 1944 Aviation Cadet Robert G. Moore (Bobby) has been transferred from San Antonio, Texas to San Angelo, Texas.

Captain Thomas Mason has returned from a year’s service in the Southwest Pacific. Son of Mrs. Dan Mason.

14 Sep 1944 Private First Class James M. McInnis, son of J. H. McInnis, is now with a medical detachment somewhere in England.

21 Sep 1944 Three Duncans: Mr. O. E. Duncan of Union Springs coal chute foreman at Union Springs for Central of Georgia Rail Road. Son Coxswain Thomas E. Duncan United States Navy entered Navy September 1942. Lieutenant O. D. Duncan Army Air Corp, enlisted service January 1943, now a pilot instructor at Shaw Field, South Carolina.

12 Oct 1944 Farmers under twenty-six to be put in 1-A

26 Oct 1944 Midway: Lieutenant Bob Walsh visiting Lamar King.

02 Nov 1944 Lieutenant Archie R. Jordan, son of W. E. Jordan of Midway was wounded in action in the European Theater in July, arrived at Charleston, South Carolina, last week.

30 Nov 1944 Major Stewart Pugh, son of Professor E.S. Pugh, recently promoted to Major. Connected with Divisional Engineers Office in Mobile.

07 Dec 1944 Corporal William T. Finlayson, son of R. E. Finlayson, arrived somewhere in the Pacific.

Private Hugh Finlayson of Camp Stewart, Georgia, on leave, son of R. E. Finlayson.

14 Dec 1944 Ensign Charles Short officially credited with one Jap Plane: pilot of a Hellcat fighter, based on a carrier in the Pacific fleet, son of H. C. Short of Fitzpatrick.

28 Dec 1944 Lieutenant Junior Grade Ben Cochran USN stationed in England home on leave.


04 Jan 1945 Mr. and Mrs. Chesley M. Bristow of Bethel received notice that their son Leroy M. Bristow, nineteen was killed in action in Italy.

22 Feb 1945 Sergeant John Arrington, of Union Springs, member of 36th Texas Division, lives in an old deserted pill box on the old Maginot line in France. Sister Mary Lee Arrington, Union Springs.


The following registrants reported for induction at Fort McClellan, Anniston, Alabama, on March 27, 1945.

Alfred Lee Smith, Bernard Elder Cox, James Blackmon Powell, Joseph Levi Pickett, Tommie Hiram Lott, Henry Crowell Chappell, Amon Hixon Livingston, Frank Hunter Anderson, Jr., Grady Morris Holmes, Kinch Morgan Varner, Jr., David Aubrey Hutto, Glenn Murray Paulk, Arthur Bruce East, William Henry Hightower, Junior Pittman, R. C. Arrington, Everette Laslie Dorriety, George Bernard Farshee.

05 Apr 1945 Two colored Seamen missing in action.

Willie James Thompson, Steward’s Mate First Class, son of Augustus Thompson of Perote.

Alfonzia Faniel, Steward’s Mate First Class, son of Ben Hall Faniel of Perote.

USS Bullock: Commander Names for USS Bullock, one of the Navy’s fast new cargo ships, Lieutenant Henry Noys Barkhausen of Chicago. The Bullock was named for Bullock County, Alabama.

17 May 1945 Lieutenant Sidney Bledsoe released from Prison Camp, son of E. C. Bledsoe of Armstrong.

31 May 1945 Lieutenant Ralph J. Hall liberated in German, wife Hazel Cole Hall, prisoner for twenty-one months, shot down over Hamburg, German, 25 July 1943, liberated 29, April from Stalag 7 A at Marsburg.

28 Jun 1945 Lieutenant William W. Banks, pilot from Midway, Alabama, awarded Distinguished Flying Cross. Son of C. W. Banks.

Staff Sergeant Charles Floyd Cannon, who was a member of a B-24 shot down over enemy territory in Europe and held a prisoner of war for a year in Germany, arrived in Union Springs last week to join his wife.

19 Jul 1945 First Lieutenant Malcom C. Cook, decorated in Italy. Awarded first and second bronze Oak Leaf Cluster to Air Medal. A liaison pilot in the 936th FA Bn., son of Dr. and Mrs. J. S. Cook of Union Springs.

26 Jul 1945 Sergeant Elizabeth Owen, daughter of Mrs. C. A. Owen, assigned to Personnel Center at Fort Meade, Maryland.

02 Aug 1945 Louise Shaw, Seaman Second Class, daughter of J. W. Shaw.

23 Aug 1945 Private Glenn Paulk completed basic training at Camp Rucker; Glenn and Jim Powell are in the same battalion.

06 Sep 1945 Bronze Star awarded to Chief Warrant Officer George D. Trussell of Inverness 166 Engineer Combat Bn., eighteen years in service, sixteen in FA.

27 Sep 1945 Private First Class Hayden Faulk, Jr., discharged from US Army, paratrooper, overseas two years eight months with 101 Airborne Division in five major engagements.

04 Oct 1945 Technical Sergeant Walter Malcom Cade, son of W. I. Cade of Sardis, thirty-six months overseas with 31st Fighter Group on 15th AF has been discharged.

Rudolph “Hick” Sims, youngest son of J. T. Sims of Simsville is living in a two hundred fifty-year-old Castle in Loudsburg: they are on guard duty.

25 Oct 1945 Sergeant Harold McNair, son of W. E. McNair of Midway, Honorable Discharge from Army.

22 Nov 1945 Private First Class Sanford B. Ellis, stationed at Camp Beale, California.

29 Nov 1945 Cadet Jerry Green of Georgia Military Academy, College Park, Georgia, son of R. C. Green.

12 Dec 1945 Private First Class James Baker Barbaree, discharged from US Marines, son of P. J. Barbaree.

27 Dec 1945 Private First Class Roland Brundrick, 22, son of C. W. Brundrick of Union Springs died in a Troy Hospital Sunday from a pistol wound received Saturday night. Brundrick was caught in the middle of an altercation at the Alamo, Dine and Dance between two other men.

Radioman Third Class Donald C. Parker arrived from foreign duty with US Navy; his ship US Carrier Lexington.

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