Willie Spears

Willie Spears

Now Hiring is a weekly article written by highly sought-after author and public speaker Willie Spears. Willie has written thirteen books and travels around the country, adding value to the lives of others through his books and dynamic presentations. Learn more at www.WillieSpears.com.

My aunt is 94 years old, and her health is declining. She has been in a nursing home most of her life. There was a time when I would visit her a couple of times a month, but they moved her to another city.

I haven't visited her in a while and am embarrassed to admit it. I have found time to travel the country speaking, but I have yet to find time to visit my aunt, who is less than a hundred miles away.

My cousin visits her often and is almost never satisfied with the treatment she receives. I can't imagine being in my aunt's situation and dealing with everything she has to deal with. It got me thinking, who will take care of me when I can't take care of myself? I have two children, but what about people with no children?

One of my former players asked me what qualities to look for in a future spouse. I suggested they look for someone to wipe their bottom when they couldn't one day.

Caretakers are hard to find. Most people want a job that is glamorous and provides instant gratification. Bottom wiping doesn't seem to qualify. I have known several people who needed a bottom wiper or someone to care for them. This is an important job.

Are you prepared to wipe someone's bottom one day? If you have had small children, you have wiped bottoms, but will the child return the favor if the need arises?

Could you imagine loving someone so much that they would serve as their caretaker? This is an important job. Let's take care of each other.

We should ask the question: how may I take care of you? We should strive to be caretakers.

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