Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

By Felicia Farnsworth

Thanksgiving falls on Thursday, November 25 this year. With the faint return of normalcy from the COVID-19 pandemic, Thanksgiving in 2021 should be full of traditions, family, and good friends. Many traditions surround Thanksgiving, and they vary from family to family.

In the last four years, since moving to Union Springs, I have noticed that some families like to go out early in the morning on Thanksgiving day and hunt in the beautiful wilderness that surrounds our county.

I’ve noticed families coming together and playing football in the yard outside or cards at a table set up close. I see children laughing, playing, and enjoying their time together.

The greatest thing I can say that I have seen, and it remains a constant, is the outpour of love, compassion, and kindness shown towards everyone in our small town.

I have seen people give back or help their fellow neighbors with adoration in their hearts and pride in their smiles.

With the uncertainty of our future, it is up to us to keep the traditions of our elders and pass them on to our future generations and encourage them to pass these traditions on to their future generations as well.

Thanksgiving dates back to 1621 when the first meal was prepared by both pilgrims, men and women, and the Native Americans. The tradition of giving thanks to your fellow neighbor has been around since that time.

With the times being what they are, I implore you to look past all differences and thank your fellow neighbor this Thanksgiving.

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