The Driver's License Check (DLC) held Saturday July 3, was organized by Sheriff Raymond Rodgers and Deputies Kervin Lewis, Chad Faulkner, Roderick Rover and Melvin Grooms along with five Alabama Highway Patrol officers which included Bullock County's Trooper Charles May, Jr. Courtney Woodfaulk with Central Alabama Crime Stoppers assisted in the coordinating of different law enforcement agencies.

The Sheriff Department, Highway Patrol, and Union Springs Police Department were all invited to participate.

The Troopers locations were at Highway 51 North and Highway 82 intersection, Highway 82 at Conecuh Avenue East near Hicks Industrial Park Road, Martin Luther King Blvd South at Highway 29, County Road 31 at Highway 223, and Highway 29 at Highway 239.

Sheriff Rodgers also sent a Deputy to Midway to patrol.

The following are the offenses that resulted in tickets being issued: Window Tint (4), Speed (5), Tag Light (1), Drive with Suspended License (3), Open Container (2), Expired Tag (3), Driving While Revoked (2), No Insurance (3), No Driver's License (4), and Improper Lights (4). One individual did spend the night in the County Jail due to a DUI.

Woodfaulk stated "the Troopers were impressed with the number of citizens who cleared the checkpoints without an issue. This will be an ongoing event. There is a good working relationship between the Sheriffs Department and the State Troopers. The reason for the DLC is to change the driving behavior and increase the safety of Union Springs, Midway and County residents.''

Prior to the DLC Sheriff Rodgers hosted a dinner for the Sheriff's Department, State Troopers, and the Union Springs Police Department at the Greenway Sports Club.

Sheriff Raymond Rodgers said, "I appreciate ALEA and all the other agencies that helped us with this."

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