Masses pray in Prayer March

Masses pray in Prayer March

By Faye Gaston

September 26, 2020, was an extraordinary day in our nation. Masses of united Christians came together to pray for the United States. The Women on Mission (WOM) of First Baptist Church in Union Springs watched the "Prayer March 2020 with Franklin Graham" by live broadcast stream on the television screen. It was estimated that 75,000 to 100,000 Christians of various races and denominations from across America joined Franklin Graham and four other Grahams at the Lincoln Memorial to march to the U.S. Capitol. There were seven stops for prayer along the 1.8-mile march. He said, "Our country is in trouble like we haven't seen in our lifetime. We have no hope outside of God, and unless His people call on His Name for help, we will not make it. We are at a crucial point, close to losing our nation unless God intervenes."

There were many displaying USA flags. Between the public prayers by twenty-four prominent Christian individuals, groups would gather in circles to pray among themselves.

There were public prayers by pastors, government officials, the Grahams, leaders of Christian organizations, and other well-known Christians. There were prayers that God would guide and protect government leaders at the highest national level. Prayers were that President Trump would announce a wise choice for the nominee for a new Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. There was prayer that our country would repent of its great sins. There was prayer for a solution to the COVID-19 pandemic plague and racial divisions. There was prayer for those willing to lay down their lives for American citizens, namely members of law enforcement, first responders, U.S. military, and front-line medical workers.

Mike Huckaby, a former governor, and Cissie Graham Lynch, daughter of Franklin Graham, were narrators with the Capitol building in the background. John Rich, playing a guitar, sang "God Bless America" and "Amazing Grace." He sang his original song, a prayer called "Earth to God" more than once. During one singing, video-clips of this year's violent rioting were shown on screen.

There were clips of Evangelist Billy Graham preaching to crowds through the years, and his photos with several U.S. Presidents that he ministered to, since President Harry Truman. It was noted that he was a "Christian statesman" and played a huge role in our country's spiritual life.

The first prayer was by Vice President Mike Pence, accompanied by the Second Lady Karen. After the first four persons prayed, Franklin Graham asked all to pray individually out loud at one time for our nation.

There was a specific prayer for the President, Vice-President, and their wives by name. There was prayer for all who work in the White House and the Executive branch of government and the Supreme Court. Mike Huckaby pointed out that our country's Constitution has lasted longer than any other in history, with Constitutions usually lasting between 20 to 50 years.

At the World War II Memorial (a stop for prayer), it was noted that it displayed 4,000 stars with each star representing 100 Americans who died in World War II. A representative of Native Navaho Indians prayed, noting that the Japanese could not break the Navaho Indian language code during the war.

At the prayer stop at the Natural Museum of African-American History & Culture, Alveda King, leader of the "Civil Rights for the Unborn" (anti-abortion), prayed.

Prayer was for "boldness in the pulpit to speak the Word of God in the area of religious freedom."

As the Prayer March 2020 ended, Franklin Graham gave the personal invitation to put faith and trust in Jesus Christ, and gave an example of a prayer to repeat for a new believer. If this decision was made, there was contact information with Samaritan Purse (Evangelistic Association).

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