Bernice Jordan Thompson

Bernice Jordan Thompson

My name is Bernice Jordan Thompson, and I was born in Troy Al. I am running for Bullock County Coroner. I was raised in Union Springs by Marjorie and George Gumbie Jordan, and there was 12 total in the family. I graduated from Bullock Memorial High School in 1972. I earned an AD degree (Registered Nursing) RN, LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse), Pharmacy Tech, USAFNG Corman 90250, Bachelor’s Degree in Management, and a Doctorate degree in Law. I trained in Miami and Tampa Fl. in the coroner’s office. I worked at the Levin & Papintonio law offices in Pensacola, Fl. I then returned to Union Springs 17 Years ago, taking a job as Director of Nursing at Bullock County Hospital. Later I worked with Beasley and Allen law firm in Montgomery, AL. I worked in Psych in Spring Manor in Union Springs, Al. I currently work as an Alabama attorney.

Summary of related experience:

1. Emergency Medical Technician in Union Springs. I worked with Ray Mason, Sr., and Dr. Poe. I worked on many gunshot incidents. I delivered a baby in the front seat of a car in front of the police department.

2. I was an LPN for 15 years.

3. I was an RN for 23 years in various personnel, teaching, and management positions

4. I am an Air National Guard: 90250 Corman, UNSANG Veteran.

5. I am a Forensic Nurse Specialist. I was trained in Miami, FL, Dade County Coroner’s Office, and Tampa, FL, coroner’s offices. Up to 25 autopsies per day are done.

6. I was a Health Care Risk Manager in FL.

7. I have been an Attorney at Law, Al. for 22 years.

8. I have assisted the former coroner a few times since living in Union Springs, AL.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and your vote. Please allow me to serve my home county.

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